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August 7-9, 2024


The Duchess of Buckingham Regrets to Inform You That Her Husband is Dead

Ruckus Theatre Company

Love, death and pocket-watches - the regency story you weren’t expecting.

August, 1815. The Duke of Buckingham is dead - but the feelings on his passing are decidedly mixed. At the grand Buckingham estate, his widow Selina discovers she must remarry within seven days or lose everything. So, when the perfect candidate lands in her garden, she thinks the problem has solved itself. Only, something much darker is happening beneath the surface. And as an unlikely affection reveals itself - nastier truths are coming to light. With her bankrupt family depending on her and a power-hungry social climber gunning for her title - Selina's running out of time to keep her plates spinning.


Ruckus Theatre Co. is an intersectional theatre company based in London, championing disenfranchised voices through theatre. We aim to create theatre that explores the interiority and depth of character in new and innovative ways, exploring texts beyond the obvious and staging engaging and emotive performances.
Ruckus Theatre Co. was established in 2020 and is a new and independent theatre company based in London. We are a female and non-binary, majority LGBT+ led theatre company and we are passionate about our ability to use our position in the creative industry to advocate for diversity and inclusion in theatre.
Since our establishment, we have put on 3 in-person full scale productions, 1 Zoom production and a plethora of events, both in-person and online. Some of our particularly successful events have included our Pride Panel, featuring trans Queen’s Bench judge Dr Victoria McCloud and co- founder and co-artistic director of Two Gents Productions Tonderai Munyevu; our Spoken Word workshop, led by renowned spoken word artist, Patrick Evans; The Missing Narrative (Parts I and II) lectures, led by our very own Montaz Marché, PhD scholar and leading expert in Black British women of the 18th century, and Resilience Training with Aida Paye. Alongside these events, we have streamed interviews with industry professionals and hosted workshops in a variety of mediums, from Afro Dance (led by Plamedi Santima-Akiso), to Mask Making (led by Manisha Sondhi) to Make Up (led by influencer Helene Kadima), to Screenwriting (led by award-winning screenwriter, Niamh Dunne) to Commercial Dance (led by Kitt). We have even hosted a hugely successful Art Auction for up-and-coming talent, Tabitha Turner.
Our pride and joy is our New Writing Series, which we run multiple times a year and use as a launch pad for emerging creatives to get their work off the ground. One of our current productions, 'The Duchess of Buckingham Regrets to Inform You That Her Husband is Dead', was first trialled, discovered and has been developed through this programme!
The actors and creatives that we have been able to work with so far have been a joy and we have a fantastic crew behind us who are the backbone of our company. We are always working on new things so you have so much to get excited for from us in the future. After four years of putting on theatre that prioritises creating opportunities for and platforming disenfranchised voices in some of the greatest challenges that this industry has faced in recent history, we are strong, we are powerful and we are here to stay.



Niamh Dunne - Writer

Bethany F. Knowles - Company Manager; Design

Montaz Marché - Artistic Director

Melissa Fry - Treasurer

Megan Ross - Secretary; Marketing Coordinator

Julia Irvine - Production Manager; Design


Estimated running time

75 minutes

Performance times


Ticket prices

£12, £10


Full-time students, those aged under 16, senior citizens, the unwaged, members of Equity and BECTU


Theatro Technis is fully wheelchair accessible. Guide dogs and hearing dogs are welcome in the auditorium. There is a Loop system fitted in the main auditorium. If you have any questions or specific requests, please email

Trigger Warnings: Mentions / visual depictions of death, Mentions of poison, Physical violence, Violence with weapons (knives, swords, pistols, fireplace poker) Mentions / moderate

Suitable for ages: 14+

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