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Theatro Technis @ 26 Crowndale is an arts organisation founded in 1957 by actor, writer, and campaigner George Eugeniou, alongside a group of actors. It has been an independent theatre space since the early 60s. Now, it is presenting an exciting new season of music and theatre performances with the help of Kerry Kyriacos Michael MBE as its new Creative Director.

George says: 

"I will continue to be the artistic director of Theatro Technis, a company I started 65 years ago. But it’s also important we look to the next generation and allow Kerry to develop other work in the building."

Kerry says:

"I’m very excited about this role because I can see the potential and know there are friends and partners who will be as excited as I am by the building, its history, and the values it was built on."

Kerry will programme and lead on the vision of everything that happens in the building. He has always been passionate about work that is culturally diverse, and which wants to disrupt the mainstream:


"After leaving Stratford East it became clear to me that there is no point in me giving the next ten years of my life to another established building, that was already on the map. 26 Crowndale is a new venture that I hope will disrupt, in a good way, the current landscape."

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