Our foundation, purpose and history. 

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 Theatro Technis  is the original arts organisation our values are based on. Founded in 1957 by George Eugeniou (here is his Wikipedia page) and a group of actors five decades ago, Theatro Technis first started its work in an old unused warehouse in the backyard of King's Cross.
Then after many challenges, it finally found its permanent home in an old Church building, where it has flourished into a centre of multi-faceted and multi-cultural activities. It became one of the first venues in the UK dedicated to serving its local, working-class, and immigrant community back in the early '60s. Since then, it has remained home to international companies and independent artists.

Read more about George and his recent 90th birthday celebrations held at the theatre, find an array of material on our youtube channel or read more on 'Unfinished Histories'.