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10 November 2022

Doors at 19:00

P F Film Production

All I Ever Wanted - Screening

A screening of All I Ever Wanted - partly true life story about a single mother riddled with debt.

Doors at 19:00, screening at 19:45


A single mother riddled with debt has to find her way back through work, with her young daughter supporting her on the way to self-discovery and self-worth.


She becomes entangled with people that take advantage of her, but it takes an unexpected turn and her luck changes. This story is narrated by the young daughter, looking back at the struggles of her mother and how she overcame adversity to create a better life for herself and her family. This movie is based on partly true events.


All I Ever Wanted, this movie highlights the difficulties and hardship faced by single parents of Black and Ethnic Minorities, and the drive to ensure that their children's needs are met consistently despite challenges faced.


The movie is being used to create more awareness and encouragement to families working so hard to ensure that their children's needs are met, the movie promotes survival and encouragement to survive and to not give up or lose hope.


Watch the trailer now:


Princess Abiye is an actor, presenter, plus size model, producer, and she graduated from the prestigious Middlesex University. Princess enjoys what has to be one of the most unique and uplifting professions. She has many film credits to her name.


Her first production "All I Ever Wanted" is partly a true story. The movie was screened in London with the Mayor of Brent in attendance on the 27th November 2021 at the Tabernacle W11 2AY.


None specified.

We are fully wheelchair accessible. For more information about accessing Theatro Technis @ 26 Crowndale, please visit our access page.

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