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March 16, 2024


UCL Drama Society

UCL Drama Society New Writing Festival 2024

Nine wholly original short plays written and staged for the first time by UCL Drama Society.


UCL Drama Society's New Writing Festival is back for our 2024 season.


New Writing Festival is an annual platform for aspiring new writers in UCL to present their original works and let their scripts come alive on stage. This year, we are featuring 9 wholly original short plays written by members of UCL Drama Society and are staged for the very first time.


The plays range from comedy (Five Left in the Loony Bin, Ticket for Two) to drama (Well-Dressed Lust, Break a Leg!), and there's the light-hearted (Fine Line), experimental (The Exorcist's Newspaper), world-building (Herelwin's Mountain), heart-breaking (This is Not a Love Story) and absurdist (Falling Off a Cliff into Nothingness).


The festival will be split into parts 1 and 2 and tickets for both parts can be bought separately, or you can get the full festival ticket (both parts) at a discounted price!


Content Warnings: Violence, alcoholism, death and dying, mention of suicide, depictions of mental illness and panic attack, reference to sexual assault. The content warnings will be stated at the start of each piece.


University College London’s Drama Society is a society which provides a wide range of drama and theatre opportunities, from acting to directing, producing to designing. Our ethos as UCL Drama Society is to provide as many opportunities as possible for as many people as possible, regardless of dramatic experience. Thus, we offer a range of opportunities at a variety of levels, from friendly workshops to large-scale productions.


Access information

We are delighted to welcome you to our venue.


We are fully wheelchair accessible. For more information about accessing 26 Crowndale, please visit our dedicated access page.


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