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11-12 August 2022

18:30, 20:30


Enigma Birds

This new play aims to explore the dynamic between oral evidence and the tumult of emotions at the witness of trauma.

£12, £10

“One of our greatest fears is facing ourselves. So, mastered by that fear, we have become incapable of doing so or, rather, vehemently unwilling to do so. This is the heart of every psychological thriller…”


Using “Rashomon” as a point of departure, the account of a murdered man is retold and reenacted as the characters involved provide alternate accounts of the same incident.


A detective is increasingly disturbed by a mother and her two daughters and what their starkly different versions of events reveal. As he investigates further, he finds it is beyond himself to distinguish truth from criminal deception.


Written by A. Lim Malamas



Access information

We are delighted to welcome you to our venue.


We are fully wheelchair accessible. For more information about accessing 26 Crowndale, please visit our dedicated access page.

60 mins

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