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August 3, 2024


The Trying Rooms

Red Patch Productions

A dance theatre double bill about turbulent relationships and motherhood, told by a mother and daughter duet.

A double bill of two stories; a mother and daughter duet grapples with how a love so intense can be corrosive when it's misdirected. Shouldn't a mother be able be able to protect her child, to rescue them from all harm?

Claybourne is sure they have something to tell you, but they cannot for the life of them remember what it was. Stuck in this Sisyphean nightmare, they once again embark on trying to remember, on trying to tell you - as they did the day before, and the day before that.

An explosion of words and movement, The Trying Rooms is a tragicomedy untangling turbulent relationships; those between the ones we love the most, and between our own inner and outer worlds.


August 3, 5pm


Part of the Camden Fringe Festival


Red Patch is a production house that specialises in theatre and dance, while also working across the mediums of music, illustration and education. It is the home of Red Patch Tattoos, an independent stick and poke business.

Currently, being freshly launched, Red Patch is focusing on producing high quality theatre and soundscores in small venues and Fringe festivals.

Eventually, Red Patch will grow to have the resources to support early career artists and become a hub of independent art makers, of creative exchange, reflection and celebration. Red Patch is already exploring how to broaden access to creative practices through a community dance programme.

Red Patch’s methodology centres process over product, connection through creativity and prioritises the joy of making art rather than the perfection of a finished result. Red Patch believes art is the most invaluable tool for healing, be that as a community or individual.


Estimated running time

60 minutes

Performance times


Ticket prices

£14, £12


Full-time students, those aged under 16, senior citizens, the unwaged, members of Equity and BECTU


Theatro Technis is fully wheelchair accessible. Guide dogs and hearing dogs are welcome in the auditorium. There is a Loop system fitted in the main auditorium. If you have any questions or specific requests, please email

Suitable for ages: 12+

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