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July 30-31, 2024


Vertebra Theatre

The Unicorn In Captivity

As F and M’s relationship deepens, M discovers F has been keeping a secret, driving him into an obsessive exploration.

£12, £10 (concessions)

F, a fine art student in her final year, meets M, a photographer, at the peak of his career. Over the years, M has gained considerable acclaim within the art industry as a result of his impetus - a deep fascination with his mother's death. As their relationship deepens, M discovers F has been keeping a secret that drives him into an obsessive exploration.


The narrative unfolds as a poignant portrayal of coerced vulnerability amidst chronic illness, where individuals find themselves susceptible to the manipulation of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Symbolically, it reflects the pervasive patriarchal influence within the medical industry. The play confronts issues ranging from the cyclical mistreatment of women’s bodies to the societal taboos surrounding death and illness.

In a concerted effort to raise awareness and foster understanding, we have partnered with Voices for Epilepsy and The National Brain Appeal. Together, we aim to empower our audience with resources and educational support, shedding light on epilepsy and a spectrum of neurological conditions.


July 30, 7pm

July 31, 7pm

Part of the Camden Fringe Festival


Vertebra Theatre, founded in 2012 by the Artistic Director Mayra Stergiou, is an Award Winning Female and Queer led Ensemble of artists from diverse backgrounds and artistic disciplines with passion for creating contemporary Physical and Visual Theatre deeply rooted in Experimentation.

With a taste of the Absurd, the Surreal and Visual Storytelling we seek to explore the interplay between the dynamics of life, imagination, myths and science creating original and socially informed embodied writing for stage and film.

Placing the live Body & Scenography in the core of our practice and research, we strive to create artistic work that stretches the boundaries and constantly shifting, shaping and nagotiating spaces between Physical Theatre, Dance, Puppetry, Opera and the Visual Arts.


Writer: Angelika May

Director: Mayra Stergiou

In Association with Vertebra Theatre


Set Designer: Eliza Podesta

Lighting Designer: Venus Raven

Sound Designer: Jack Hoban

Intimacy Coordination: Stella Moss

Photography: Anya Rose

Producer: Angelika May

Epilepsy Consultant: Simon Privett

Arts in Health Consultant: Mayra Stergiou



M: Charlie Collinson

F: Angelika May

DR: Nick Morrison Baker

Neurophysiologist: Patrick McHugh

Interviewer: Jack Tivey


Access information

We are delighted to welcome you to our venue.


We are fully wheelchair accessible. For more information about accessing 26 Crowndale, please visit our dedicated access page.

Content Warnings: strong language, nudity, themes around death, themes around assisted suicide, ableism, medical scenes, drug use, scenes of violence.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over

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