13 July 2022

16 July 2022




By Elizabeth Gaskell Adapted by Robert Alderman


In Cranford the idiosyncratic but endearing ladies hope to preserve their gentility, lifestyle and social customs from change. They combat the changing world around them. Chief among the setters of norms and customs are the Jenkyns sisters, Miss Deborah and Miss Matty, who are challenged when Captain Brown comes to town with his more worldly approach to life. At the same time Dr Frank Harrison arrives to assist Dr Hoggins but ends up opposing the older doctor who is set in his ways. The unmarried ladies of the town vie for his affections but his heart is set on Sophy Hutton, the vicar's daughter.

The tranquillity of the town is disturbed by tragedy, blooming romance and comic mishaps.

Tickets: https://www.theatreinthesquare.org

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