14 May 2022

15 May 2022



A First Class

Nanyung Lee

A First Class

The mother's desperate efforts to make her daughter a first-class person are a pitiful sight. She has had her daughter's brain changed into that of a confirmed genius musician with an IQ of 155, and yet she is only screaming in her room.

The mother changes her brain again, saying her daughter has been becoming a third-class person.

This time, she becomes a decent first-class person who only studies. However, she gives up on joining the company and stays in her room with an encyclopaedic, saying she is embarrassed that she won second place in the entrance examination. Again, she is not a first class person.

However, her father has already sold his heart, large intestine, liver, and eyes to contribute to the first-class appearance of his wife and daughter.

What else should he sell now?
what all the dad look like next time..
if she can finally be made into a first-class person

Writer Nanyung Lee
Designer Song Song

First Child - Yuna Jung
Mother - Sangeun Lee
Father - J Sebastian
Second Child - Eugeen
CEO - Taegyu Ahn

Please note the performance is in Korean with English subtitles

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