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12 November, 2023
13:30, 17:30


City Academy Actors Company

Charley's Aunt

The City Academy Actors Company present 'Charley's Aunt' by Brandon Thomas



Jack and Charley are students at Oxford. Jack loves Kitty, and Charley loves Amy. So they come up with a plan – they will invite Amy and Kitty to lunch with Charley’s Aunt, Donna Lucia, who is coming to visit from Brazil. But Donna Lucia is delayed! So the boys convince a friend from school, Lord Fancourt Babberley, to dress up as Charley’s aunt. As Babbs takes on the role of Donna Lucia, hilarity ensues!


City Academy is a leading performing and creative arts company in London, offering unforgettable acting, singing, dancing classes and more.



City Academy runs a range of evening, weekend and weekday performing arts and creative classes for adults at over 40 locations across London. Choose from Dance, Singing, Acting, Filmmaking, Screen Acting, Musical Theatre, Writing, Photography, Comedy, Art, Music & Life Skills classes, as well as our Summer School programmes. Open to everyone over 18.


Access information

We are delighted to welcome you to our venue.


We are fully wheelchair accessible. For more information about accessing 26 Crowndale, please visit our dedicated access page.

Theatro Technis is fully wheelchair accessible. Guide dogs and hearing dogs are welcome in the auditorium. There is a Loop system fitted in the main auditorium. If you have any questions or specific requests, please email

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