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   Theatro Technis  is the original arts organisation our values are based on.  Founded in 1957 by George Eugeniou, (here is his wikipedia page) and a group of actors five decades ago, Theatro Technis first started its work in an old unused warehouse located in the backyard of King's Cross.
  Then after many challenges, it finally found its permanent home in an old Church building where it has flourished into a centre of multi-faceted and multi-cultural activities. It became one of the first venues in the UK dedicated to serving its local, working-class, and immigrant community back in the early '60s.  Since then it has continued to be home to international companies and independent artists.
  Read more about George and his recent 90th birthday celebrations held at the theatre,
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 Working with partners. 

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  The Gate  exists to make international theatre that is representative of our diverse local communities – from the people we collaborate with, to the stories we tell – our work investigates what it means to be alive now.

  The Gate is a nurturing space for artists to imagine, play, think, and create theatre that surprises, challenges and inspires. Our productions push the boundaries of what theatre is and what else it could be.

  Its work is a live conversation with our audience and our local partner organisations. Currently, our theatre is an intimate, 75 seat space that transforms with every production – no two visits are ever the same.

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   Scene & Heard  is a unique mentoring project that partners the inner-city children of Somers Town, London with volunteer theatre professionals. They give the children intensive, one-to-one adult attention, enabling them to write plays which are then performed by professional actors.
   Their performances give the children immediate and public experiences of success, raising their aspirations and boosting their self-esteem. Scene & Heard is committed to producing the highest quality theatre with and for the Somers Town community. Their work improves literacy skills and attitudes towards education and develops communication and social skills
.  They have been performing at Theatro Technis for over 20 years.

"This is theatre of the highest quality: imaginative, inspirational and above all huge fun" -

 MICHAEL SHEEN, Actor and Scene & Heard Patron.

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   Uzong Films  Uzong Films are in the business of storytelling. And with each story they adopt, they strive for an emotional core that resonates universally. They are connected with some of the best talent London has to offer and we do so with an eye for genre; subverting expectations and steering clear from traditional clichés and out-dated characters
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   MENA ARTS UK  is a  new arts organisation for UK-based professionals who are connected to the MENA+ region (Middle East, North Africa and the surrounding area). They celebrate the talent of their membership, strive to be at the heart of conversations around identity, be their own support network, lobby for the appropriate representation, advocate for change to increase access and opportunities for employment. 
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