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SHADOWS: A new play by Carguil George Webley

A limited engagement at Theatro Technis of Carguil L.G. Webley's new play SHADOWS.   "Don’t you realise our history’s all we’ve got left. If they take that from us then what are we? Just a bunch of shadows they can walk all over…"


Synopsis: "Shadows" explores the lives of three black inmates who have been placed in the same cell. Cultural baggage, trauma, and family dysfunction have all played a part in each of their struggle to understand one another and the outside world. Edmund tries to assert his dominance over the others through his knowledge of black history, as he is threatened by their intellect. Balak appears to be the most level-headed, but can't to let go of his dark past and pushes his frustrations onto others. Chase is the youngest and has great potential; however, he refuses to listen to his voice of reason and puts himself at risk of losing everything he's worked for.

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