Harpist and Songs by Ricardo García-Curbelo

Harpist and Songs by Ricardo García-Curbelo

Harpist, Singer, Composer and Poet El Condor, Ricardo García-Curbelo, istoday an ambassador of the Latin American poetry and music; he is author of numerous compositions, exceeding 500 hundred works of instrumental music, songs and poetry. From an early age Ricardo has been an eminent representative artist of his culture, nationally and internationally, on a wide variety of stages and has become known for his passionate, gifted way of communicating with the public. Established in England since 1979, he has shared the stage with different accomplished stage performers from around the world.


Ricardo has recorded 4 singles and 4 albums, his most recent recording being Espiritu Llanero / A Londres, a lovely, romantic, varied album with themes for all occasions.


As a poet, Ricardo is artistically known as El Cóndor. He is one of Colombia’s leading poet performers. Several of his works have been recorded by him and different artists. His most well-known titles include: LA VERDAD DESNUDA (The Naked Truth), COLOMBIA PARA TI (Colombia For You), LA VERDAD DESCUBIERTA (The Discovered Truth), EL QUE MANDA ES EL BILLETE, (Money Is What Governs), CARTA  A MI PUEBLO (Letter To My Town), EL IRRACIONAL (The Irrational), THE FAREWELL POEM, THE ORINOCO DOLPHIN, THE BALLERINA  and his music poetical-progressive  composition,.THE HOMO SAPIENS DREAM, title track of his 3rd album. This dramatic poetical-progressive interpretation of human evolution brings Latin America’s music and poetry to a new dimension and  has been much acclaimed by audiences. In 2010, thanks to this piece, Ricardo was presented as the perfect act for the day at the London Natural History Museum, during the Exhibition Road Festival. His last tour to the North of England and Scotland was part of the launch of his new album, Espíritu Llanero / ALondres (Llanero Spirit / To London). 


Further information at:www.ricardocurbelo.com


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